of rolling stock

In our company focus all lies ahead railway technology. In addition to the design, construction and programming of control and drive systems for rail vehicles, the electronic equipment for cars, the planning and construction of railway

infrastructure technology (light signal systems, security systems) we predominantly through rehabilitation and maintenance work. In recent years we have established ourselves internationally as an electronic supplier and service partner for rail vehicles.

of rolling stock

In recent years, we have extended our range of services so that we refurbish and bring disused vehicles up to date. Refurbishments include both the replacement of old components with identical new parts and the replacement with spare part types. For example, the vehicle wiring is refurbished and adapted to meet the applicable regulations.

Of course, the necessary “scheduled jobs” are also carried out in the course of such refurbishments. We offer maintenance work at the various stages and complete vehicle overhauls can be carried out together with our partners. In this respect, we work in compliance with the currently applicable regulations.


Electrotechnical Equipment
for rolling stock

We offer our customers a comprehensive package which ranges from the planning through to the approval of electrical equipment for railway vehicles. We plan and integrate vehicle control systems, train safety systems (INDUSI, ZUB/INTEGRA, EVM, MIREL), train radio and specific customer requirements in the vehicles.

We also offer periodic inspections since they are also required for these systems. These inspections can be carried out in our workshop and at the customers location with our mobile unit. In this respect, a minimum out-of-service time is ensured for such inspections due to the geographical flexibility of our team.

Registration procedure
in the railway sector

The subject of vehicle registration become very obscure in part for many operators due to regulation changes. We offer a comprehensive package from the feasibility study for planned conversions including the preliminary talks with authorities, testing of conversion concepts through to official procedures.

The range of services includes test drive registrations, organisation of test drives, clarifications with infrastructure managers and railway companies, as well as the coordination with various involved bodies (authorities, notified body, etc.). We are able to offer these services across Europe together with our partners.

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