Engineering of
energy distribution projects

Energy technology and, more specifically, high-voltage technology is another focus of our company. Our team attempts to recognise the needs of our customers and create a customer-oriented solution with knowledge concerning the current range of products.

In this respect, we attempt to find solutions which meet the expectations of our customers both technically and economically. We are also happy to offer support for the preparation of tender documents.

Delivery and installation of middle- and high voltage equipment

Whether an energy supply system is approaching the end of its service life, or it no longer meets current requirements due to the required performance or the legal requirements – our specialised team offers our customers a care-free package from the planning and installation through to the commissioning of the new system.

Of course, we are also happy to take on the coordination of the entire site including official procedures. This also applies to new systems. In this respect, our range of services includes power distribution systems and transformer station, the delivery and installation of medium and low voltage units or emergency power supply units. Given our experience and flexibility, we also offer customer-specific solutions in this sector.


Our Projects