automation solutions

Of course, we are also happy to take on the coordination of the entire site including official procedures. This also applies to new systems. In this respect, our range of services includes power distribution systems and transformer station,

the delivery and installation of medium and low voltage units or emergency power supply units. Given our experience and flexibility, we also offer customer-specific solutions in this sector.


The demand for networking and the transfer of data is constantly increasing. In order to cope with the flood of data, new transfer paths are needed time and again.

We offer to have the requested data securely available in real time at any time for our customers by using the latest technologies in both the grid-bound and wireless transfer segment.


to interface problems

We are experts in finding useful solutions for connecting systems of a range of manufacturers or even different interface with each other.

We can offer a decade-long experience in developing hard- and software solutions that perfectly fit to our customers.